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Web design in Los Angeles is more important than ever. If you want to properly promote your brand and portray a modern persona, good design is vital to making a striking impression. Don’t degrade your products and services by using just any web designer—have the experts at Noxster handle your web design in Los Angeles.

Cutting Edge Web Design in Los Angeles Will Promote Your Brand

Gradient usage is a huge trend in web design in Los Angeles. Bold, colorful gradient design is attention grabbing and the use of gradient overlays is as popular as ever. A simple gradient background can be used in place of a high-quality photo for eye-catching appeal.

Large, full-screen photos for background images are very popular in web design in Los Angeles. Photos engage users with a simple way to attract user attention. But the quality of your photos is key—stale stock photos just won’t cut it. Stock photos are usually scathingly obvious and distracting. If you’re forced to use stock photos for your web design in Los Angeles, use more natural photos that don’t have as much of an artificial aesthetic.

Even better for dynamic web design in Los Angeles, add video or a video background to your page. Users like active storytelling, so the bigger the impression you can make with your video, the better. You can include sound, photos of employees, or even video of your work process. With the prevalence and popularity of online videos especially on Youtube and Vimeo, video is more important than ever. Similarly, the use of cinemagraphs is a trendy, modern tool. A cinemagraph is a photo that includes one moving aspect. For example, imagine a photo of a hand pouring a glass of water, but the only moving component is the water falling into the glass. A component this simple can attract attention and intrigue without distracting from your content.

Use the Best Web Design in Los Angeles

Virtual reality has presented an exciting new dimension to online and mobile experiences. Virtual reality offers three-dimensional worlds that are created to make the user feel as though they’ve been transported into other environments. It’s similar to three-dimensional movies, but is more immersive, particularly if you’re using your phone and a virtual reality headset. These are usually first-person experiences and can simulate everything from flying over the high seas to exploring the inside of the human body.

Updated Web Design in Los Angeles Will Promote Your Business

Personal branding is a compelling aspect of web design in Los Angeles. This may be including your company’s leadership or employees biographies and photos on your website. Links to your social media makes the user experience more personal, interesting, and offers social proof of credibility. It allows the user to feel as though there’s a high level of transparency, increasing trust.

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