Video Optimization

VSEO and Video Optimization Services

With the emergence of YouTube and Twitter more and more video content is being produced on the web. Search Engines like Google have tweaked and continue to modify their algorithm to properly identify video content on the web. They have put such an importance on video optimization that they show up in the organic search result.

Properly using video content in your website not only allows your website to be customer friendly allowing your customers to visually see your product, service, brand, and business, it makes your website more search engine friendly.

It is very important with Video optimization that you correctly tag, and place your videos on the search engine to make them optimizable. There are a ton of great videos on the web that are improperly optimized causing them not to be found or indexed. With the right video optimization program in place this wont be an issues anymore.

With so many videos lost within translation on the web, Google and other search engines are figuring out a an efficient method to know the content of each video, using new and innovative technology such as face detection and other technologies. While it’s still in the early phases of life, getting ahead of the curve is equivalent to having an aged domain.

The 5 facets of Video Optimization.

Video Sharing Sites:

Just posting your video on your site is no longer enough. To effectively be found you need to submit your video to multiple channels such as YouTube for more visibility. Using free video distribution sites will allow you to get your content more prevalent. Correctly naming the video for the pertinent keywords that the video is about is also critical to your success.

Optimization of Keywords:

Like stated above, just like an SEO campaigns, the process of video optimization is titling the name of your videos correctly. Search engines can’t look inside your video to determine what your video or presentation is about. The most obviously place to title your video correctly is in the file name. Use a relevant keyword, that is also in tune with your business, will give search engines the basic idea of what your movie is trying to portray.

Video Title:

Movie Titles also need to be addressed. Title tags are not only important for Google to index your work, but for customers searching for your video to find your work. Conveying the proper meaning within the title is essential.

Linking Strategy:

Sounds like an SEO campaign doesn’t it? That is because just like SEO, videos get popular on the web through word of mouth. For search engines “word of mouth” is referred to as a backlink. The more people are linking your video around the web, the more search engines are going to find the video as authoritative. Here are some common linking strategies to get your video viral:

  1. Put on YouTube and link that video on Facebook, Twitter and other Social media websites.
  2. Post video on blogs.
  3. Provide a link from relevant web pages.
  4. You can use social media and book marking as an effective way to increase links to your video content.

The pages that you are linking from should have similar content or subject matters when linking your video. Links from irrelevant sites don’t get indexed as important as ones with similar traits.

Tell your friends:

Having a link on the bottom of your blog or page with a link for people to post is very important. This will help you build a organic linking strategy for your video content. Having this compliment any video optimization service will allow you and your business to have the optimal chance to be successful online.

Provide a comment box:

Before people watch a 2 min clip of a video, people check the reviews. Having a comment box underneath the video with a rating system will allow new visitors to see that this video is worthy of their time. It also encourages user to share the video, and discuss the context with their friends.

Keep your videos updated:

Just like content on a website, Google, Yahoo and Bing like to see fresh videos online. While your old videos won’t be lost, having your own YouTube channel will allow you to successfully archive the video productions you have produced.

Video Sitemap:

On your website next to your current site map, create a video site map that allows search engines to index and crawl.

Tip of the Day:

The best advise we can give to a customer who lets us manage their account is to create the creative, compelling content. If you create a boring video that no one wants to watch, you can throw video optimization out the door. Just because your process might be methodic, adding humor, education, or graphic effects can spice up any industry and video.

Makes sure your video format is one that the average user likes. Such formats include .mob,avi, and wmv. A common question that we are always asked, “how long should my video be?”. The answer to that is simple, take a look at Google. All of their videos are short and to the point. You won’t find a video that Google is marketing their services for, over 3 min. Every tutorial video they place online is between 5-10 min due to the complexity of the search engines.