Web Development and SEO PRICING

Web Development and SEO Pricing

At Noxster we aren’t the most expensive or the cheapest online marketing provider you are going to find, but we offer a competitive pricing solution. Due to the highly customized nature of the sites we design/build for our clients, the following price ranges are provided as general guidelines only.

Typical Website Price Ranges:

  • AVERAGE Noxster web design/build project cost: ~$9,500 – $35,000
  • PREMIUM websites: Completely customized and built to provide you with everything you need to succeed online. Unique design, persuasive copywriting, conversion strategy, and custom-developed functionality that streamlines how you work: ~$15,000 – $50,000+
  • SMALLER website packages: $2,500 – $7,000

Important NOTE: The price of your website will depend completely on your company’s specific needs and goals.

Monthly SEO Pricing:

  • Monthly SEO pricing starts at $1,200/month

We make sure we hired developers, programmers, front end designers, brand specialist, SEO professionals, and content writers with at least 5 years of experience within their craft. This allows us to provide you flexibility and solutions that maximize budgets of most sizes.
Noxster will work with you to create to create a prioritized plan based on your budget that optimizes your investment and fulfills your requirements and goals.


Once you fill out a website questionnaire and we discuss your marketing expectation we will deliver you a plan of action that online the exact process for the service you are choosing. Typically, we’ll provide you with a set quote or cost estimate range prior to beginning your work.

However, some work cannot be quoted upfront and is billed on an hourly basis. There is a 15-minute minimum for all hourly work. Hourly basis starts off at $100 per hour.

Work that is typically billed hourly includes:

  • Standard website maintenance work and website updating (when work requested will take less than ~ 4 hours total)
  • Ongoing website consulting and strategy work as requested
  • Meetings and phone calls


Do you need to get your website finished in 3? 6? or 9 weeks/months? Would you consider this a dire situation? Need something immediately?
Don’t sweet it; you’re in good hands.
However you need to keep in mind that accommodating your tight deadlines will require us to rearrange our schedule and extend our work hours. For these reasons, rush work incurs additional charges.

  • Next-day turnaround (by 5pm next business day): +100%
  • Weekend work (in on Friday, due on Monday): +150%
  • Drop all your work, things are going to explode if they’re not done this second (i.e., same-day turnaround): +175%


Typically we don’t offer discounts for our services. Just like you wouldn’t want to make a lower hourly wage we don’t have any interest in devaluing our work. However we may provide discounted website design & build rates to:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Clients who choose to use or switch over to our website hosting services


We accept payment via cash, check, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

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