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Thousands of people, companies, designers, friends, and family are involved in web development; all of them have different pricing. So how do you determine which firm in Orange County is the most qualified to conceptually build an idea in your head? Your website is going to be the first impression a potential employee, customer, or client sees online. A company’s website has the ability to leave a powerful impression (good or bad) on a decision maker. There are a number of aspects of design that have to be properly take care of, such as the use of keywords, UI design, Site Structure, SEO, Programming, Craw ability, Errors, Content Management System, Custom or Stock Photos, Video Integration, and much more. When designing your website you have to funnel end users in the direction you want them to go. This is a marketing science to it. That is why you can’t just use your friend BOB or a one-man designer who knows how to color. Building a website is combination of experience in Marketing, SEO, Front End Graphic Design and Programming. Without having those 4 things working for you on your website, you will always be behind your competition.

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When you add up those 4 critical aspects of web development Noxster is the obvious answer for your Orange County Web design needs. Our Web development services include all four aspects of online marketing services to provide you with a beautiful website that will be ready to optimized.

Orange County Website Redesign

Redesigning your website is a big investment mentally and financially. Redesigning your website can be a mental hurdle because essentially it is time to rebrand and remarket your company. You have to decide what direction, vibe, and pitch you want your new website to portray. Financially it is too a big investment. When addressing your website redesign for SMB (small to medium size business) the first issue that is always brought up is “we want it to look a lot better” or “we love our competitors website how much does it cost to look like this?”. At Noxster we are usually the ones who built the site you want you website to look like. For larger enterprise type companies the question is usually, “How can we make it generate more ROI”.

To answer both questions we first have to understand your business needs, match the requirements with the right platform/ framework and then design a strategy to meet your needs. Noxster specializes in web development and design tactics to answer all of those questions.


OC Web Development Services

When you are looking to choose a web design company in the OC you need different integral services to develop the most robust website. Good web design doesn’t happen by accident. To be found on the web you need powerful content, stunning call to actions and clear functionality.

Web Design Content Writing

Unique content is the key to being found on the web. At Noxster we cannot understate the importance of your websites content writing. There are a ton of ways to integrate content opportunities without having abundant amount of content on a website. Content writing reflects the professional approach your company has in it’s services and products. The first few sentences on any web page must be engaging, creative, and powerful to make your value proposition clear.

UI Front End Design

Let’s face it programmers aren’t designers and designers aren’t programmers. So your friend who had a design class isn’t the most qualified person to design your professional website. The UI design is how a web design company is judged. The compelling designs that we create at Noxster are creative, simplistic, elegant, and sophisticated. Sometimes less is more. We don’t believe in a clustered website with a lot going on. Front-end web design is about putting the pieces together and building a masterpiece.

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Programming and Coding

Programming is like the shipping department or mail out of any company. The work you did developing the end product is great, but if you never get it, or it isn’t don’t correctly it does you no good. Coding a website is critical for the functionality of the website. Just because you designed a created a beautiful front end design, the most important part that it functions correctly. This is where out team of programmers have at least 5 years of experience and have professionally coded websites for all platforms.

Make Sure your Website is SEO Friendly

Well done. You just choose a web design company who specializes in ascetics but they have no clue about online marketing. You are probably wondering why your website hasn’t been found. Well that is because web designer companies who don’t too specialize in SEO and branding have no idea how to market a website. At Noxster we have that unique combination of SEO and Designers to make your website SEO friendly. So after we launch the site we don’t have to go correct your web development companies mistakes. This will expedite the SEO process and give you a better foundation