Political and Government Internet Marketing

The Goverment is starting to catch on to digital marketing. Media Buying, Web Design, Social Media, and Search Engine optimization can have a real impact on a Politicians Marketing Campaign.  GovermentWebDesign&SEONoxster is starting to manage Political and Government digital marketing campaigns and getting key issues on top of the first page for different topics.

Since most US citizens use websites to find information on propositions, acts, or  search for relevant information regarding a variety of government related topics, government SEO and web development becomes important in order to make your message more visible. The two key points to remember when doing government or political marketing is to make sure your web development is making the website as user friendly as possible but at the same time, making it more crawl-able. Goverment and Political marketing is different than your traditional marketing campaign. To gain valuable insights on how to do government SEO and web development effectively keep reading below.

Political Web Design And Government Web Development

With new web design or web 2.0 coming into full effect it is critical that your political website has a clear message with an image to portray the story you are trying to tell in 10 seconds. Having a  Political SEO and Govermentcompelling slider showing particular social issues will help you engage the end user and direct them further into your political website.

Outside of the UI design of a governmental web site when Noxster develops websites for political campaigns the infrastructure and back end CMS for your website is essential. For effective government web development, it is important to create XML sitemaps. When dealing with a lot of issues on a central website having clear drop down menus, clear call to actions, and perfect landing pages with keyword density will help Google crawl your website properly but also direct the user to the correct page.  Now XML sitemaps are used by Google in order to list the pages present on the website and submit them to all major search engines. The reason why creating XML sitemaps is so important is because government websites usually have weak information structure over time to constantly updating new and fresh information which affects the visibility of the website on search engines.
In an ideal situation, every page of the website must have one link to it at least. When every page of the website has a link of its own, it is easier for users to navigate in between pages while it also helps search engines finds each and every page that makes up the entire website. Another way to increase the crawl-ability of the website is to provide an HTML sitemap side by side so that it serves as a map to users for easy navigation within the site using the links provided.

Political Campaign Content Marketing

Another critical part of the overall web development and seo goals is to have your message heard. Having the proper content development strategy will help you spread awareness not only on your social media platforms but your website will be more SEO Friendly. Showing an investment continually into your website allows Google start accrediting your website sooner as the social authority for that particular topic. If people like the content that is created they are more than likely going to share it. Creating content doesn’t have to be your traditional word on paper. You can create info graphics, short videos, or custom graphics to get the same message across. Having those image centric opportunities supported by minor text will not only deliver a powerful message but also help the robot understand the cindexore concept of the message.  You will want to also make your content easily accessible to the robot and the end user.

The key to doing user friendly government web development is to never block access to web content by placing logins, registration forms or security questions. The reason why blocking out essential information is not such a good idea is that it becomes a hurdle in the way of the crawlers when picking out relevant websites to show during a user initiated search. If the content is inaccessible to users unless they provide an ID such as an email address or password, chances are that the website will not be apparent in the search results.

Other Web Design Tips for Government Related Websites

Steer Clear from Dead Ends

Whenever you change the location of the content the URL or the domain make sure you are always redirecting the content to the new location. Also be sure to make an announcement on social media as well so that users can find the new location of the content without any hassle. The best way to do this is to implement a 301 redirect from the previous location of the page to the new one. A 301 redirect is a server code that indicates to the search engine crawlers as well as the visitors that the content location has been replaced.

Put ALT Tags to Use

Just as the keywords are incorporated in to the textual content of the website, in order to make it more searchable, ALT tags also serve the same purpose but for images. Images must also have proper descriptions in ALT tags since many users prefer to search for information by using Google image search.
These are some of the tips that will help you in doing government SEO and web development the right way. If you wish to avail premium quality services for government SEO and web design in Orange County, then get in touch with Noxster Orange SEO Company.


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