Orange County Travel Agent SEO and Web Design

If you are a local Travel Agency looking for SEO services or web development then look no further than Noxster Orange. Noxster specializes in travel agent SEO and web development services. SEO For Travel Agents Noxster has worked with 100’s of travel agents and agencies optimizing and developing their website to make sure you have the best visibility online. There is a ton of travel agencies in Orange County and standing out from your competition is a crucial way to earn business through your website. The first step in travel agency seo is to make sure that you have well developed travel agency website that is SEO friendly.

The travel industry today has become modernized from top to bottom. From the high tech airplanes and jets to the online ticketing system and travel agent web development, the travel industry of today has sure come a long way this past decade. The travel industry in the US has drastically changed with all the commotized fortune 500 companies coming into play. So your online traffic is the major driving force in doing business successfully. Travel Agent SEO is undoubtedly an important tool for achieving that success.

Why Pay Attention to Travel SEO?

Believe it or not, the travel industry has seen a major 48% increase in online bookings of tickets since 2008. Even though the importance of travel agents cannot be denied in the industry, the impact that the internet has made cannot be ignored. Recently, Global Travel PLC, TUI Travel acknowledged the emerging importance of internet as an online channel for bookings in the travel industry. Therefore, the key to success in the highly competitive travel industry of today’s online infrastructure relies on travel agent SEO and web development since more and more travelers are turning to the web to choose & book their tickets not to mention gather important information regarding holiday destinations and airfares through the internet.

Travel Agent Web Development

Before you kick start your local orange county travel agent SEO campaign you need to develop a

website that is going to convert visitors. Noxster specializes in designing and programming websites for Orange County travel agents. We know that budget is an issue and there are a couple of optionsthat you can choose from. Depending on if you are a small one person travel agency or major Travel Agency Firm the scale of the project can differ, but our level of expertise doesn’t waver. We understand that is always a starting point and different online objectives that you are trying to achieve.Travel agent web development focuses in on all the key SEO principles while also keeping

Travel Industry SEO

into consideration the end users experience. You want to make sure you have certain plugins that accommodates for easy check out, image centric opportunities to show off particular locations, while also providing enough content opportunities for the robot to crawl the website and understand the message/ value proposition we are giving off.

You web design needs to also focus on making a travel agent website visible on the internet using a bunch of relevant keywords, which have different levels of competition. The reason why web development and SEO is important is that almost 78% of Americans use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to find out information on local travel agents and agencies. Doesn’t matter if you are in Orange County or somewhere else in the US. The bottom line is users are searching the web for your major key phrases.

Why Use Localized Orange County Keywords

Ever since the time Google Map was introduced, just picking the right keywords is not enough. Along with analyzing the search volumes and competition among keywords, it is important to choose localized orange county keywords so that users can find travel agents in our area. For instance, instead of incorporating keywords like ‘travel agent’, it is better to optimize a the website using keywords like ‘Los Angeles travel agent’ or ‘travel agent Orange County’. Such localized keywords are known to increase the search-ability of the website while also not having to compete against generic key phrases that will take a monster budget to put towards your budget.

Importance of Referral Business the Travel Industry 

The better the design your website has the more often and likely your website will be shared amongst friends. Back linking is commonly referred as referal business at Noxster. When Google is determining which travel agent is the most important or relevant in your city they look to see who is the social authority online. Google determines who is most popular by how many people are referring your business in cyber space (aka a backlink). Travel agent SEO is highly dependent on authentic link building for increased credibility as well as higher rankings on Google. Potential customers are known to look for unbiased information off site during the initial research and sharing stage. That is why Yellow Pages and Yelp is so popular and used in our referral linking processes.

Back links from a well-recognized website like Trip Advisor will help in building good credibility for your website. Many travel agent websites these days use links from Trip Advisor since it is recognized worldwide for its authority on providing customers with genuine, unbiased and reliable information related to traveling. Don’t under estimate using YouTube, Twitter, PinInterest, Facebook, and Reddit as great places to generate your online buzz.

Never Underestimate the Power of Travel Agent Blogging

Blogging is also an effective way to build strong backlinks. Also, blogging helps in creating links between social media pages and the website. When doing travel agent SEO, remember to keep the blogs section of your website updated at all times. Noxster specializes in customized blogs for travel agents to make sure we keep your website up to date and fresh. Utilizing content development helps with the promotion of info graphics, video creations, graphic opportunities, as well as integrating these opportunities into Social Media.

Ask to day for a quote on how we can help you manage your SEO Campaign, Web Development, Web Hosting, Social Media, Media Buying and more. Noxster is ranked one of the best SEO firms in Orange County that provides premium quality travel agent SEO and web development services at a fair price.


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