Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

With Social Media taking the world by storm, Facebook is the number 1 social platform to market your small to medium size company on. There are a couple of different ways for you to proactively market your company on facebook. Through the use of sponsored ad’s on facebook you can generate a ton of impressions and generate more traffic or likes to your business page. The other way to generate business thru Facebook Advertising is by posting proactively and sharing a ton of new content. Content creation offering specials, customer engagement, info graphics, and other creative post will entice people to follow your company. It is a great way to update the community (locally or nationally) what is going on within your company.






Facebook Likes

Facebook likes is the best way to know that people are interested in your business page. If a end user finds your Facebook Business Page to be enticing they are going to “Like” your page. Facebook likes are directly correlated now with your SEO Campaigns. The more likes you have the high you are going to rank. The purpose of generating Facebook likes shouldn’t be just for SEO purposes. Generating a “Like” can generate a ton of leads for you on it’s own. However it is important to note that social media and facebook can help you with your SEO struggles.



How to Generate Facebook Likes?

Just building a Facebook Fan Page isn’t enough anymore. The purpose of having the page is to make sure people actually like you. So how do you generate “Likes”. Well like anything else in life you get what you pay for. At Noxster we have different options that will let you decide how much effort and time you want put into your campaign to generate more facebook buzz. The more analytical research done, the more relevant likes you are going to generate. With less time put in, the less amount of quality likes you are going to generate. Typically Social Media Campaigns are all about generating time, content creation, social presence, and how much social authority you create within your market.







Media spend is another factor in how many likes you generate within a campaign. Noxster will manage your Facebook Advertisement but on top of our fee we request a media spend to put towards buying credible Likes. After we do our market research and understand your business we target your core demographic and put your advertisement in front of them. You will have two options to take them off Facebook and go directly to your website or to “Like” your page. If one of the two actions were taken your media spend will be charged per click.


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