Custom Web Development Orange County

Custom Web Development Orange County

Some businesses care what web platform they are on while other has no care in the world. The good news is that you have a ton of options. At Noxster we do not have a cookie cutter process so we work you to determine what type of content management system is going to be most beneficial.  For more information on our creative web design services go to Noxster Web Design.

orange-county-web-designCustom Web Development Orange County

Orange County is highly competitive and your brand matters. Having a template website is usually not enough to distinguish your brand from your competition. At Noxster we offer custom website development solutions to make sure your company has the competitive advantage. If you are looking for a unique UI front end design, with custom programming then Noxster is the right fit for you. Below are different opportunities for you to choose from.

1. Custom Frameworks – Sometimes your traditional platforms just wont fit your need. Custom PHP frameworks include Symfony and CakePHP. These allow developers to get the basic site framework up and then develop the requested features quickly.

2. Magento- This ecommerce platform is a great way for you to sell, manage, and ship your product online. Magento is a all in one solution perfect for Ecommerce stores. Magento allows you to do multiple aspects such as stay socially integrated, blog, and it is SEO friendly.

3. Drupal –  If you are looking for a customized website solution we probably don’t have to tell you about drupal. Drupal allow you to handle accounts very well. If you are considering any mobile platform or keeping your website social then Drupal is your ideal platform. Noxster is capable and has built custom drupal sites for dozens of companies with thousands of page views a month. The only downside of choosing a platform like drupal is that it is not as search engine optimization friendly as a wordpress or magento type website.  The available modules are years behind WordPress SEO plugins. Thus, if you just need a content management system WordPress is the way to go.

3. WordPress – If you are a SMB or even a large enterprise looking for a customized business website that is fairly basic to operate then wordpress is perfect. It is easy to manage, update content, and very SEO friendly. Even though wordpress has ecommerce solutions, it is not the best platform to choose if you are looking to build a ecommerce website.

WordPress is a great platform for basic business websites that simply need to update content. If you’re planning on having any sort of custom features or you need a decent amount of e-commerce features then WordPress is not the right platform. Additional small business CMS and blogging platforms include Joomla (which we don’t recommend but have experts on staff that can optimize), Expression Engine, and dozens of others.