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As the New York Times put it, “A brand is a company’s face to the world. It is the company’s name, how that name is visually expressed through a logo, and how that name and logo are extended throughout an organization’s communications. A brand is also how the company is perceived by its customers — the associations and inherent value they place on your business. ”

Noxster is your premier Los Angeles Branding Agency that can help you establish name recognition in a city over populated and saturated with companies.  Utilizing our Los Angeles Branding Agency will allow you to grow your business, generate a feel good design, and convey a clear message to your customer base.

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Let’s face it there are a ton of agencies out there and one man agencies that will claim to be brand specialist. The reality is that establishing your identity online and on paper is more than just a sketch or an idea; it is taking your core fundamental values and beliefs and translating it to a design, logo, or print marketing piece that leaves a lasting impression. Your brand was built to deliver a value proposition that your competitors don’t offer and if that isn’t apparent within the first 10 seconds of a marketing piece you have successfully lost their interest. So whether you are a major legal firm or a young entrepreneur who just launched your business marketing collateral is your first impression on a potential buyer.

If your entity has been around for 100 years or 1 day, if you are fortune 500 or not even in business yet the obstacle is still the same, to hire the Best Brand Agency in Los Angeles to make sure you deliver the proper message.

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 Why Should We Brand?

Well to start Noxster has three websites that reflect 3 different service lines that we have to offer. With each website we have established Brand Recognition within the Online Digital Community due to our work and our excellent results. We were once a small startup working out of a garage looking for someone to take a chance on us. It all started with Branding. To penetrate the market place and generate new business you need to make sure you have the marketing pieces, testimonials, and success stories to brand your sales pitch. Branding is everything. When you hear Noxster you probably think of Napster or something of that Nature. If you see an Apple, you think of Macintosh.  Brand Identity puts a logo and design to the quality of work that you do. If your brand identity isn’t on par with your price points, you are going to struggle to justify certain expenses.


Branding Agency Los Angeles

Noxster has already established a reputation within the Los Angeles market for the branding work that we have done with local companies. We have built out hundreds of incredible websites, partnered up with a unbelievable Video Production Company, storyboarding unique custom videos that have gone viral, as well as worked with major Advertising Agencies that have utilized our services for years. The reason why we have been able to make a name for you within the Los Angeles community is because of our incredible Graphic Design and Logo Design team. We have built traditional branding collateral that don’t get outdated. We don’t try and throw too much into one design. We formulate a very simplistic design that does most of the talking.


Branding Agency Orange County

Noxster has created Noxster Orange to penetrate the Branding Market in Orange County. Orange County Branding is a huge market and we feel like we can truly deliver the same quality work that we have done in the LA community. OC Branding Agency is something that we have taken a keen eye to. We have already started to work with SMB’s within Orange County servicing them for Web Development, Graphic Design services, and Social Media Management. Branding doesn’t just stop at a Logo. Print Marketing is another specialty that we have to offer. Our parent company SCG has been in business for 40 years specializing in Print Marketing. We have worked for and with marketing directors for 4 decades, your business is in good hands with Noxster.

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