SEO Jobs on the Rise

A new study from tech data firm Conductor reveals that SEO jobs are “enjoying significant growth” across the United States. The study shows that SEO jobs are not only a growing market, but also a very secure job option in an industry known for high turnover rates. Why the big spike in SEO job growth? The answer is simple: there is a major growing need for SEO services and not enough qualified search engine optimization experts to fill the demand.  Conductor’s report reveals that the market for SEO professionals has changed dramatically since 2012. Overall, salary growth for SEO professionals has increased, with an average jump of 17 percent across all 20 cities that were included in the survey.

SEO Jobs by the Numbers

According to the conductor study, marketing managers fared the best, with average salaries growing by 26 percent. The number of jobs for SEO professionals grew by an astounding 18 percent. There also seems to be a geographical shift in SEO work. New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco maintained their position as dominant hubs for SEO positions, but the industry saw a big shake-up in job allocation between 2012 and 2015. SEO jobs aplenty in NYC. More SEO jobs are being created in other cities, in part to meet the national demand for quality search engine optimization services.  New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are still the top cities for SEO jobs, quantity wise. But Chicago, San Jose and Seattle all have seen major gains and are now considered large markets for SEO employment.  As far as data relating to job positions: the most significant data reflects the increase in demand account managers that are well-versed in SEO activity. The demand for SEO-fluent account managers has more than doubled, rising from nine percent in 2012 to 20 percent in 2015. The average salary SEO savvy account managers rose by 12 percent.

SEO Career and Jobs

The Future of SEO Careers

Tech experts expect the SEO workforce will continue to grow in demand well into the future, as business online continues to grow. A Gartner Research study from 2014 suggests that almost half of all new solutions being developed to serve the Internet are generated from start-ups. These unestablished companies will need SEO services to get to the top of the search engines and that will require he expertise and knowledge of SEO experts. Experts predict more and more startups will need niche-focused SEO professionals to optimize their content and get their products and services out to target audiences. Because of all the changes with Google’s algorithms, it has never been more important to invest in high quality organic search engine optimization services, rather than just relying on Google AdWords. A combination of paid advertising and organic search engine optimization will do a lot to push your business to the next level.

Finding an SEO Company to Work For

When searching for an SEO company to handle your business needs, look for an SEO company that will take the time to get to know your business and your marketing objectives. The best SEO companies are the ones who go beyond SEO keyword analysis and to the heart of your brand, so they can create content that will improve search engine ranking and give your potential clients information that is both useful and propels your branding efforts even further.  Noxster is an LA SEO company with a proven record of delivering top search marketing results. They work with clients worldwide, providing SEO for small business or large. To learn more about the SEO services provided by LA SEO company Noxster, visit their web site