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2. Each Industry has its own jargon, words an expert would use when talking about your business. What are some words that are pertinent to your industry. (You do not have to provide definitions, only the jargon, please)

3. What is your call to action?
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4. What telephone number and email address should visitors to your website use to contact your company? Please list below:

5. Who is your Target Audience? 20% of your customers generate 80% of sales. Who is your ideal customer? Who buys your products and services?

6. Do you have demographics on your target audience? (Please state: gender, age, ethnicity, family status, income, education, occupation, interest needs)

7. What are the benefits and features of your product or service?

8. How is your product or service superior to your competitors?

9. Are there any disclaimers or legal notices related to your product or service that need to be included in the copy?

10. What are your goals for your SEO campaign with Noxster? Are there specific goals you would like the team to achieve?

11. Are there specific facts, features, or promotions you would like to emphasize in the copy?

12. Is there any pertinent information that you would like to share?

13. Do you have any negative review online?

14. How active are you on social media and do you see that as something you would like to do more of outside of the standard SEO Campaign?


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